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Resignation of Chief Financial Officer

Outcome of BM-Appointment of Statutory Auditor

Intimation for Board Meeting

Retirement of Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Resignation of Statutory Auditors .

Outcome of Board Meeting held on 14.11.2019.

Intimation under Regulation 30 .

Outcome of board meeting held on 28th May ,2019.

Notice of the Board Meeting dated 28.05.2019

Outcome Of the Board Meeting Held On 14th February, 2019

Notice of the Board Meeting dated 14.02.2019

Outcome Of The Board Meeting Held On 14th November, 2018 Submission Of Standalone Un-Audited Financials Results For The Quarter Half Year Ended 30th September, 2018

Notice of the Board Meeting dated 14.11.2018

Voting Results of 23rd Annual General Meeting

Proceedings of the 23rd Annual General Meeting (F.Y 2017-18)

Attendence Slip


Notice of the 23rd Annual General Meeting of the Company

Outcome of the Board Meeting Dated 14.08.2018

Notice of Board Meeting Dated 14.08.2018

Outcome of Board Meeting dated 30.05.2018

Notice of the Board Meeting dated 30.05.2018

Outcome of Board Meeting Dated 14.02.2018

Notice of the Board Meeting dated 14.02.2018

Out Come of Board Meeting Dated 14.11.2017

Notice to BSE BM 14.11.2017

Voting Results Scrutinizer Report of 22nd AGM

Proceeding of the 22nd AGM

Notice of 22nd AGM

Outcome of the BM 14.08.2017

Notice of Board Meeting dated 14/08/2017.

Notice of BM 29.05.17

Notice of BM 28.11.2016

Board Meeting 14.11.2016 postponed

Notice of BM 14.11.2016

Annual Report 2015-16

Notice of 21st AGM

Outcome of the 21st AGM

Notice of Book Closure

Outcome BM dated 29.08.2016

Notice of BM Dated-29.08.16

BSE Announcemnent Reg 30

Outcome of BM 14.07.2016

Notice of BM dated 14.07.16

Outcome of BM 30.05.16

Notice of BM dated 30.05.2016

Outcome of BM 12.03.16

Notice for BM 12.03.16

OUTCOME OF BM 14.11.2015

NOTICE OF BM 14.11.2015

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